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I remember the last home game of the season against Luton in May '88.
We stayed on the Shelf for ages after the match - just refusing to move.
Knew it would be the last time we'd ever set foot in there again.
I remember The Wreath being passed around above our heads...
The post match 'memorial' was not as 'slick' as the last game ever at WHL, but still quite emotional!

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Anything is possible.

But IMO its more likely to be a sports journalist desperate to find a story, so its an article involving Spurs stadium being used as a virus testing station, the stadium naming rights deal all wrapped round the Amazon documentary story...….. Happy to be wrong of course

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No, it isn't.
The only behind the scenes the documentary being filmed in a season that:
1. Got rid of one of the best managers in the world
2. Replaced him with a manager that has the biggest following of any Manager in the Wolrd (more than the Club he's joined).
3. From a Club that has challenged for 3 titles and reached CL final
4. Struggling in follow up season
5. Whilst having the season shut down with a quarter of it to play
6. Due to worldwide pandemic
7. Played in the newly built best stadium in the World
7. With arguments about furloughing staff and turning the stadium into an outpatients for NHS etc...

Of course, it fucking is.

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