Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur. Sat 13th April. 12:30pm KO

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This why o don’t get Ange’s reluctance to at least give some of the younger players a go. I’m sure they will be more hungry than the complacent lot currently stinking out the place.

Not sure they are ready yet tbh mate??
He doesn’t even give seasoned internationals like PEH or GLC a proper go
The players lack guts, it’s not that complicated. Every single game that passes validates Conte’s farewell rant. The first 10 games there was no pressure. Nobody knew what to expect from us, we lost Harry, it was a free hit. It was just nice to play on the front foot. We went in front in virtually every game and everyone was smiling.

Now that the top 4 is within our reach there is actual pressure and our weak players are being crushed by it. During that spell when VDV, Romero, Son, Maddison etc were all missing we played with far more intensity that we are now. We didn’t win many games but the players were sweating blood, especially Emerson and Davies at CB. Those two played away at City and they worked a hell of a lot harder than the players who started today.

If you have good players it really isn’t that hard to win a match. Be aggressive with and without the ball. That’s pretty much it. Newcastle did it and we didn’t. They had about 12 players missing and they were still more up for it than us.
Sorry being up for it is part of the manager / coaches role to prepare the team both tactically and mentally.
Not sure they are ready yet tbh mate??
He doesn’t even give seasoned internationals like PEH or GLC a proper go
He needs to be braver with player select as he propheses to be with his tactics. He use same core players, doesn’t think outside the box and is generally pragmatic with his decisions apart from the high line. Subs are generally like for like, makes them around the same time and never alters players positions or formation.
As poor as we were against Fulham, this was even more disheartening. Second to everything. Didn’t seem to win any important ball. Miserable defending, even worse up front.
Comparing Richie/ Johnson to Gordon/ Isak shows how little we have got for similar combined fees.

Don’t have any faith in our midfield against decent opposition — feels like we need to rebuild the rebuild. One step forward and two back.
Complete waste of money even if they have their moments. Could you really rely on either to deliver when it really matters. Richi to be fair has scored a few crackers but we need players who can create their own chances in tight games. None
we are not battering the barn door....we are loitering around their barn door /shuffling around

I thought people said - Things will improve xxx times when the injuries dried up. All healthy except solomon.
yeah that is what I meant
I think it took Klopp three seasons, and Fergie possibly one more to win silverware.

I can't figure out why Ange keeps saying the players are on a learning curve?

The goals we are conceding are about poor defending that has little if anything to do with his system.

I can't think of any player that he will bring in during the Summer that would make leaving Micky by himself on the halfway line safe and secure from a counter attack?

Next season will tell, bit with the club looking for investment I can only see player purchases matching out sales.
But that is the defensive tactic to have VDV clean up. Hence we don’t have a defensive coach and it looks we are not training on it so look a shambles. VDV is our insurance policy and if he has a stinker or is injured we are up the creak. I’d go with 3 at the back and keep FBs wide. Play two up top son and rich.
But you would.

We don't have a DM worthy of the name.

Chelsea will have to sell this Summer that much is obvious, and Boely doesn't give a toss about rivalries.

Gallagher has played every game this season with three goals and six assists, and is a great box to box DM/AM.

Who do you think that we currently have that can rival that?
He is not an out and out DM!
So you'd rate Pierre and Skipp over CG?

No one is talking about CG being our "saviour" but he's an injury free player (played every game this season) is a box to box player something Ange looks for, adds goals and assists, and a tenacious midfielder something we haven's really had since Dembele, Wanyama were at their best.

That Chelsea need to sell and none of the current top four or five teams need this type of midfielder then if he becomes available then I think Ange will go for him.

Forget rivalry, Boely will sell to us and likely has little choice unless CG goes to Europe where hardly any team could afford his transfer fee.
I’d say PEH is better in a deeper role than CG. We have MADDs as the attacking player and bent. All of whom are better technically than CG. I just don’t what additional quality over and above what we already have he brings? We need a midfield enforcer in the 6 role not some e who just runs around all over the place. You think he would protect our defence better?
We have a midfield of "bang average". That's why we can't break down Luton, Forest and the like.

Have to agree to disagree, but he's an upgrade on most of what we have in that role.
The breaking down issue is the wide players have no guile, clever movement and cannot beat a man in shirt space say like Diaz can for dippers. It’s not due to the midfield bar MADDs.
I remember Jose, Conté and Poch saying the same. It's courtesy to Levy for hiring him. He also probably has a clause on his contract that he can't openly bash the club. Levy won't invest. Ange will get tired. I've watched some matches with previous clubs, and he is a great tactician. Unfortunately all good managers, wanting to win a trophy, need players that, fit and uphold, their system. Be prepared for an exit to a bigger club. He wants to win the League. He also knows it ain't happening at Spurs.
Im sure you don’t need to be a great tactician to beat 90% of the SPL.
Im sure you don’t need to be a great tactician to beat 90% of the SPL.
A great tactician for Newcastle away is different to a great tactician for Nottingham Forest at home. We have sacked the great tacticians for Newcastle away because the players hated training hard and fighting for the right to play. I actually think our players are about 6th in the league at best and it doesn't really matter what style of tactics we play. That said, I can't understand why our defensive managers couldn't play more offensive at home, or always against relegation teams, and our offensive managers couldn't play more defensive away, or always against decent Premier League pressing teams. It's like managers in this era can't comprehend there is more than one way to win a game.
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