Next 6 Fixtures

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How many wins out of the next 6 fixtures?

  • 1 - You pessimistic little s@*&

    Votes: 2 3.8%
  • 2 - .... you pessimistic little s@*&

    Votes: 5 9.6%
  • 3 - Staying on the fence

    Votes: 10 19.2%
  • 4 - Decent but not what we need

    Votes: 10 19.2%
  • 5 - A respectable number that I think most would take

    Votes: 13 25.0%
  • 6 - Plus the Champions League because it’s so unlikely to happen

    Votes: 12 23.1%

  • Total voters
This time last year I would have said we should be gunning for 6 wins out of 6 based on the opposition but obviously this isn’t last year. I think these games will make or break our season tbh. If we lose or draw more than one of the EPL games then I think there’s no chance of us getting top 4 based on the form of the current top 4. If we string some results together over the next 6 games then that might give us the impetus to continue on plus a win at Olympiacos will see us through to the knockout stages. So what’s everyone’s thoughts on our chances for the next few games?

Sheff Utd (H)
West Ham (A)
Olympiacos (H)
Bournemouth (H)
Man United (A)
Burnley (H)


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Sheff Utd (H) - Win
West Ham (A) - Lose
Olympiacos (H) - Win
Bournemouth (H) - Draw
Man United (A) - Draw
Burnley (H) - Lose


Taxi for Mourinho
No confidence that we will beat any PL team, unfortunately.
Based on the season so far it's impossible to guess when we'll turn up with the right team and win and when we will be an utter shambles. With Foyth, Lo Celso and Sessegnon beginning to play and looking bright I'm going to say 5 wins with some wishful thinking. Probably will be more like 3 or 4 I reckon.
No not at all no fear of that but we are no longer very good either so maybe finish 8th or 9th safe as houses.:tobyarm:
I think the next period will define our season. We can still finish high in the league if we get going (depending on how well others do at this point)... if not, we might end up midtable. No relegation fears as things stand.
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