Norwich (A) - Final game of the season - 22/05 - 4pm KO

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I have got the hump all season with posters in the OMT predicting big wins against teams we "should be beating" and then us losing or drawing.
But, feckit 4-0 and Son gets 2.
Thing is, of all the times we've looked lethargic and/or complacent this season, surely this can't possibly be one of them, surely Conte will tell every individual playing that you need to live and die for this club for these 90 mins, or tell me now and I'll pick someone else. Whatever happens on Sunday, we'd better have 11 out there who treat it as the most important 90 mins of their lives - and with Conte's influence, I'm confident that they will.
We just need to be professional, forget about Woolwich now. We got the help we needed already.

We play the worst team with an abominable goal difference. They will not just park the bus, they will try to win and make their fans happy. All we have to overcome is their pride. Be serious and work harder than them, that’s all we have to do.
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