Norwich (H) 5/12 - 1400KO

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well I'm 63 and my mother is dead, so no.
What an arrogant jerk you made yourself look with that post - as if you were the only person who wants us to improve and succeed. You need to get a grip of yourself.

Your expectations of what we need are over inflated
Your hopes for what we will get are well in excess of reality
Your belief that the right people will come here at the salaries we pay are unrealistic

So take a look through some reality goggles. We are currently trawling serie A for their cast offs, we just have to hope that some of the better ones may be interested enough to head for Conte and and not Newcastle

I think I'd find more peace if entitled and whiny "fans" like you behaved in a slightly more mature manner, rather than dumping the club I have been supporting for over 50 years.
63 years Old. Could've fooled me. Have you been moaning that long as well .

But I will apologize when needed. Sorry about the Mama reference. No disrespect intended.
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