Now is not the time

And only a few posts above I wrote this.

It’s quite clear that I’m dealing with a group of fanatical Pochettino fans who absolutely refuse to critique him in anyway or accept others doing.

Cue yet another ‘yeah but you h8t him don’t ya’ post.
A group? Practically every Spurs fan loves the guy...fucking hell, there's a hell of lot of football fans in general who love the guy.....apart from weirdos like you, we're just the last people who will engage with you in here, everyone has gave up long ago...and this is me giving up too, life's too fucking short to waste any more time on you...


Trusting the process.
Lovin' your work, 78Spur !

"Millions of people go and watch their football team every week. Most won’t see all their ambitions fulfilled but in the fullness of time most will get their moment in the sun.

It’s a never ending ride but it’s only really worth experiencing it if you enjoy it."
I will take any cup at this stage - I’m despite for us to win the FA cup. It’s absolutely criminal that Tottenham Hotspur have gone nearly 30 years since our last win.

As I said earlier in the week - there is no hiding place for Poch now. The stadium is finished, we have spent big this summer and we still have an excellent squad. It’s time for him to deliver.

Hood, re this post.

Would you have taken a LC or FA cup trophy over what we have achieved since Poch arrived? Im not being a smartass mate, I simply want to know.

As your your second paragraph, sorry it makes no sense. " Poch has nowhere to hide" ?

He was hunted by some of the biggest clubs in the world, was he not ? How is Poch ( as you later refer to ), related to the stadia project? Yet is was Poch that with a limited or no budget got this squad to a CL final, succeeded against great odds to secure again a top 4 finish, and has proven time and again that he gets it right more often than not.

I want silverware. I want trophies, we all do.

The Manager has delivered more than the occasional trophy. His decisions have led to where we are as at today, being able to sign quality talent, as a result of a combination of Poch's man management / and the clubs investment in facilities and a top level stadium.

Its a new era. It's been long coming. Yes, its been frustrating playing away from home, not signing players for 2 windows, not having the depth to go that extra mile when injuries hit, however, if anything since the CL final, Spurs are now perceived, as a major force.

Im sure you are a Spurs tragic, as we all are. Enjoy this period of growth and I am confident silverware will be delivered.
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THIS... Plus, his refusal to enjoy/praise the upside to the Poch era..... Even the undeniable positives are framed (and only ackowledged when it suits him) in a way as to underline his negative viewpoint.
Yeah, within minutes of us breaking our transfer record, he was using it to put pressure on Pochettino...wasn't the first thing I thought about, I know that much...
I think most will agree that Poch simply must win something next season with increased spending and a full 5 years to work out the squad.
Yeah I'm sure Levy will be sharpening the knife, imagine having the gall to make over £100M getting to the CL final instead of the £100 grand we could have got for winning the Carabao...

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Surely by now it is apparent just how much I want us to win a trophy. I would love nothing more than for him to prove me wrong - I like him, think he is a good manager. It’s just that I don’t think he has the talent to do that though.
Fair enough, but can't agree with your last comment though. Only time will tell I suppose.
Let me get this straight.
When we play well and win, its because we have elite players and an elite squad. Nothing to do with Poch.

When those elite players play badly (see CL final) and lose it's Poch's fault.

Got it.
This is is level I have to contend with - absolutely no point in the thread have I said Poch out or talked about the Champions League Final.

It’s does make me laugh that when people claim the manager is not to blame for a poor performance it’s the players. It’s the role of the manager to get them to perform, to implement the right formation and tactics, to give them the required mindset.

We had been in free fall results once since February resulting in our worst run since 2008. But that had no bearing on the CL final of course and the manager isn't responsible for getting results he?
We get it, you hate Pochettino...and there's no convincing you otherwise, so what's the point in trying?
I don’t care about getting to finals and semi finals if don’t win them - the game doesn’t remember or care about the runners up. None us place any significance to Liverpool (2018) Woolwich (2006) getting to a CL final and would rightly mock their supporter base for claiming this as a major achievement that others should be envious of. We have the players to be winning these tournaments. If Pochettinho had Jols team I wouldn’t be placing this level of expectation on him but he doesn’t - he has the best group of players arguably since the double era winning team.

And again we should be qualifying comfortably in the top 4. United we a complete catastrophe last and Woolwich were decidedly mediocre. We should have finished 3rd but allowed another mediocre side to overtake us in Chelsea whose supporter-base didn’t want him.

As I keep on saying this is about levels and Pochettinho keeps on failing to break that final ceiling. Tell me why are we the only team in the top 6 not to any have a trophy in the last 5 seasons when all of the others ( including far inferior teams have). How do you account for this exactly?

And as always we come full circle, this from before.

Let me get this straight.
When we play well and win, its because we have elite players and an elite squad. Nothing to do with Poch.

When those elite players play badly (see CL final) and lose it's Poch's fault.

Got it.

And you thought I didn't understand the point.

Perhaps you may want to underhand the point at hand before entering into the thread with such a clumsy attempt.

I think I pretty much got the point spot bollock on.

I'm done.
In a nutshell, the standard synopsis of any discussion with Hood....

Someone championed him for sparking interesting debate on an earlier page.... That's bollocks... If one zooms out a little, he simply DOESN'T debate.

His presence is like treading in shit.... Sure you'll take time to clean it off your shoe, but it's an entirely unwelcome use of one's time.
Spot on.

Of course, were we to win a domestic trophy the argument would be, "We should of won's not enough....elite team.....wasted opportunities.......etc"
When you’re on the side of a mountain you’re looking at the pinnacle not the ridiculous distance you’ve already travelled.

Preach brother

I try, I should also say that this was written before our day off signings and I was getting annoyed with the posters despair at not having made a transfer in June. Instead of replying and getting angrier I thought I'd put it all down.


We’re progressing: I’ll start complaining when there’s no evidence of progress. This season was nearly unwatchable at times, but it could be worse - we could be Woolwich or Man U - sleepwalking into a shadow of what we once were.

Unlike lots of other posters, I do agree with the sentiment, and share some of your frustrations, but I see enough (and this season the CL final - flukey though it was - WAS just enough) of a forward trajectory. Like yourself, I worry about us being caught or overtaken, but we have just invested, it looks like the stadium and higher profile are going to pay off and, we’ll, it’s better than I’ve ever known it (nearly 40 years).

Two more years of ‘nearlys’ or a catastrophic season and I’ll be reevaluating!

I know we've been through this a hundred times......

But then what mate? when you're-evaluate' your support after a poor season or two?
Either you:
  • continue to support the club, through thick and thin, come what may - what some people call 'happy clappers', or
  • moan about your club all the fucking time because they are 'disappointing' you and, after all, the world revolves around your feelings, or
  • decide to support another club that wins pretty silver cups, because that's what makes you happy.
Oh, and let's not deliberately confuse 'steadfast support' with 'lack of ambition'.

You'll have guessed where I am on the spectrum and this is uncomfortable, because the implication is that 'we' think we are 'better supporters' than 'them', which naturally causes resentment amongst our broad church - but I can't se any other logical inference.


Trusting the process.
Seriously, what do you want us to be doing, I mean, do you want our fans to be like this prick?

Hoody and a few others here already are our version of those goon muppets... They're just too self absorbed in projecting themselves as having a 'woke' perception and higher understanding of the game to see it.

We could win an EPL & CL double and the first subsequent season we don't win another major they'll be back on the war path..... As much as they'd deny this, it's clear as feckin' day.
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Bringing the mullet back to N17
I can’t watch the video but If we had an owner like Kroenke then I would expect the supporter base to speak out. I take it you wouldn’t then?

Again this is about us and the mentality of our supporter base. It’s about the absolute refusal to place any sort of expectations of this side, the refusal to hold the clubs manager to any account. It’s about the open derision of trophies that have defined this football club like the UEFA cup, FA cup and league cup.
I know I’m new here, but I’d love a trophy - who wouldn’t but - and this is the kicker - for the long term health of the club that we all love, the truth (at this present time) is that the CL qualification is much more valuable to our longevity than any single piece of silverware. And, I guess, when it comes down to ‘3 points at Brighton on Saturday’ vs ‘best team out in Rd 3 League Cup on Wednesday’, those three points could be worth nearly a hundred million pounds, as they were last season with our run to the final.

Is the alternative the Mourinho model - win some trophies, but leave the club disintegrating? We can’t compare with City because of the money, nor any of the other ‘top’ teams. Compare to Atletico - similar position in terms of ‘big boys’ - the increase in PL vs La Liga is negated as different leagues and cups and, then, we’re about right: challenging, competing, getting close. We’re Atletico, not Real, we’re Dortmund, not Bayern (dodgy example, but you get the sentiment)’s just where we are in the pecking order at the moment. Frustrating, but true.
Bigger fans, maybe not, but better supporters; fuck yes.... I have no shame about declaring this and do so with great pride either.

I get ribbed by pricks like Hood all the time; accused of thinking I am the "best" fan.... Bollocks; there's plenty out there who's SUPPORT (There's that word again!) exceeds mine (be that through years of service or the amount of constructive effort/commitment I see them put into their support of the club), but when compared to someone that does nothing more that cunt the club off on-line on a daily basis and seemingly get's a kick out of pissing in the collective's cornflakes, I have no qualms about claiming the higher ground without fear that's mine is s a view driven by ego.

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