But he is the cousin of Lemar off of (Damn you Scott Mills) Fame Academy. That has to count for something, right?

I'm amazed we got to the second page without anyone pointing that out.
Anyone remember that FA Cup game in the 90s where we draw United (away), 3rd round I think.

Somehow our striker situation was actually worse than it is now.

I think we started up front with Rory Allen and Neil Fenn. What happened to them?

(I don't actually think we were throwing the game but we were just really lacking in depth at the time).
He really wasn't any good on Sunday, was he?

It's rally not like he's a kid any more... the fact he's 23 means the; 'aw he's only young/give him time' argument holds no weight whatsoever!

I tell ye, we don't half breed 'em:
Ryan Mason/Paul McVeigh/Neale Fenn/Garry Brady/Paul Mahorn (and breeeeeeeathe)
Jacques Mahogma/Lee Barnard/Terry Dixon/Andy Barcham mk.II (need I go on?)


I personally think we should be giving young players 10 or so minutes in games where we are a couple of goals up, just so they have some experience at that level, if not loan them out and see what they can do.

Unfortunately there aren't too many games where that's possible (we've played Villa twice now, D'oh!)
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