Oliver Skipp

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One thing I noticed on sat that actually really surprised me is that he’s lightning quick! A couple of times he was tracking back giving Watford players a head start and caught up so easily!

He’s absolutely rapid! Great to see!

Our Kante. Love him
Chin up, Oli. You'll learn from this. :dierpochhug:

This is me to Skippy compared to PEH Clogberg.

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Was clearly told to make forward runs as much as possible. Interesting that Conte thinks he can play a more advanced role. If he can continue to improve his passing then we have some player.


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Carried our midfield again.

Desperately need better quality to play with him, he could be part of a great midfield. Instead of having to carry a shit one.


Forced to be a one man midfield because of the two plugs playing alongside him. He continues to impress but desperately needs help in the midfield.
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