Oliver Skipp

Mistake loaning him out. He's better than Winks. We need to cancel the loan in January. He'd have put his body on the line to prevent that Lanzini shot and he would have cleared the ball before that.


[Cherub] #TeamHebzebenese
Don't be such a tosser. Just saying good things about players doesn't make them better. I have always said Winks is not good enough, and three years down the line he is still rubbish. I am never wrong

You are.

....And me preferring to see you in the bin doesn't make me a tosser; it makes me someone that thinks you are racist scum.

Not having the best game tonight apparently.

Get it out of your system at Norwich, Oli. We still love you.

He is a young player, he will have some poor games. Over the course of the season you expect he will have far more great games than poor ones. I am so happy he has been loaned out, hopefully he will return almost as a new signing in the summer.
He's been subbed off in the last few games mainly for tactical reasons with Norwich needing a goal, not for playing badly. The midfield he's a part is the most well functioning part of the team. Their problems are at either end of the pitch, with iffy CBs at a lack of a genuine goal threat.
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