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I liked that the Canary players all ran in to have a word rather than high five over the red card. We all said that going to the champo was a good place for a DM to cut his teeth.

One thing I enjoy about Skipp is that trolls aside, all fans seem to rate him.
So does that mean if anyone doesnt see him as the future of THFC they are trolls?
Saw some of the first half today and thought Skipp did okay. Made one very good forward pass that set up an attack, made a foul to stop a counter attack, some standard possession play from deep lying mid. For Brentford's goal he saw the danger and tracked Mbuemo(RW) well and the CB inside Skipp should have been easily positioned to cut out the ball as result, but didn't get his feet set properly to do so.

He's doing a decent job for Norwich, not outstanding but cleans up lots for them. Shows signs off good progressive football ability but I'd like him to be more assertive in this. Can carry the ball well and pass forward but doesn't do it a huge amount. Very disappointed in Pukki, Cantwell and Buendia when I've seen them. Aarons is usually their most impressive player.

Been going through the Norwich main fans forum (link below) to read up on Brentford draw

Main Discussion - Norwich City

General themes :
- No negative comments on Skipp re draw with Brentford, the odd negative comment about a couple of other players such as Cantwell.
- Norwich has got 3 wins and tonights draw from last 4 matches, despite the team as a whole not playing that well.
- Over last few matches (incl v Brentford) Skipp has been subbed on about 70 minutes, last 3 matches (but not tonight) replaced by a player who scored in the last few minutes of the match to earn Norwich a win - clearly looks a tactical to sub off Skipp (DM) to put on someone likely to score.

More people on the Norwich fans forum than the tweets, so not time to panic on Skipp as yet. Problem with playing DM is its not a sexy position so much more chance to get criticism than praise - and only get praise if playing out of your skin.
spurs9 made a good point in Youth thread which deserves repeating :

Vrancic started the last match, and Skipp was subbed for McClean this time, but again around the 69th minute and this time McClean scored. Subbing Skipp appears to be a good luck charm, as the 4 times he has been subbed, the player replacing him (Vrancic x 2 and McClean) has scored, gaining the team a total of 7 points in those games.

Or to paraphrase, the Norwich manager is still picking Skippp to start but keeps making good tactical substitutions by subbing a defensive player (Skipp) for a more attacking player to gain Norwich a lot of extra points.

Or to paraphrase, the Norwich manager is still picking Skippp to start but keeps making good tactical substitutions by subbing a defensive player (Skipp) for a more attacking player to gain Norwich a lot of extra points.
That's how I interpreted it too.

Keep trustworthy hard-working type in MF, knowing that that's the best chance of getting to 70 minutes either level or within reach, bring on some more creative flair (sort of like Lamela for us?) once spaces open up all over the pitch, hope to snatch a late win.


All part of the learning curve. I recall Leicester fans thinking that Kane wasn't all that..

Players progress at different rates, this loan is good for him and he'll be a better player for it in the long run.


This is why he is in Norwich this season, not here. He can afford to have ups and downs in the Championship and needs to have those moments to learn from.

Its not great to read but probably good for his overall development to have struggles, assuming that he learns from them.
From what I've seen of him I don't think he'll make the grade personally. That being said I'm not writing him off yet he can come good he's a young kid and may just need a bit more belief,time and a good run of first team football to get himself going.
Look in any player thread mate. People slag of Son and Kane all the time. Even Rodon was getting shat on without ever playing a single minute for Spurs.

IMO fans generally rate Skipp. If you don't then I guess I was wrong. :mourthumb:
I have never seen him do anything in the playing time I have witnessed, that made me think that he was a stand out player, with a great future.
I don't have anything against the guy, but he's not at Norwich for no reason, and if he isn't making a name for himself then it's hard to understand what the buzz is about.
Winks plays for the first team and England, yet gets dogs abuse on here

probably the people who have tied their flag to the Skipp flagpole and try to justify their choices.

Its an attitude that I can't get my head around.
Skipp will finish Winks' Spurs and England career. His talent is obvious with those that have eyes to see it. Those trying to look clever because of some tweets from Norwich fans questioning his ability will be the ones looking like mugs in a year or two.
Many have been on loan but apart from Harry I cannot recall any other player doing well enough to return and get into the first 11. I do hope Skipp can do it and reports are good but will he decide to stay where he can be first choice or return and have to fight for minutes. Only time will tell.
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