Oliver Skipp


From all accounts, Skipp played really well in the England U21s tonight. I think we will see him in the midfield next season with Winks and maybe Sissoko moving on to another team.
From what I saw, the game kind of mostly passed him by. Albania were pretty poor, and most of England's play went down the flanks.I didn't notice any glaring errors, but I barely heard his name mentioned to be honest.

A good listen, articulate 20 year old, come across as much older then he is.

Fact he's appearing on a Norwich fan podcast shows the respect he's getting for his performances on loan there
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Norwich have the third best defence in the league, despite having some pretty mediocre defenders. I think Skipp has a lot to do with that and Norwich fans may found that out when we take him back in January and they start conceding more goals.
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