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I normally miss this as the club have a habit of keeping this quiet until the last minute, but voting is now open for the members player of the season until April 26th.


Like any local/general election round my way, the winner of this is feels pretty much decided before voting, so my vote almost feels wasted.

Nevertheless, I voted for Lennon as I feel he has consistently made a difference to the team all season and has improved a huge amount under AVB. Even when he was a fresh-faced whipper-snapper I can't ever remember him tracking back as often, and as well, as he has done this year.

Second and third choices would have been Lloris and Vertongen respectively.

Who is TFC plumping for, if anyone?

Park Lane James

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I was torn between Vertonghen and Bale really. I'm gonna go for Vertonghen because I think he's been more consistent than Bale. The Welshman will probably win because he's an attacker and has hit a rich vein of form right when the voting has started.


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Thelonious World Peace
That was my vote in the end. Hard to argue with his impact this season.
Yeah, Lloris has been more consistent over a longer period but the impact Bale has had is something I will talk about for years.

Vertonghen has been awesome but I feel his consistency lets him down at times, probably not helped by not having a consistent partner. I realise the same can be said of Bale in terms of consistency...


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Bale has already won it. All the sheep will vote for him.

Mines for Vertonghen.

(that's not a pop at him being welsh btw)


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I'm actually a little bit disappointed with Moussa this season, though it's down to extremely high expectations on my part. I think he's suffered from injuries and some bits of patchy form.
I wouldn't personally go so far as "disappointed" but I think you're right about injuries. I'd wager he's been carrying an injury since Nov/Dec and won't have surgery until late May.
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