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I think since his first big hip injury he still hasn't recovered, but he can still run past every player on the pitch individually and hold off the world. I understand the ratings of players based on overall impact and thats usually goal related, but I always vote for the player who makes me do :avbdamn: the most, Dembele will always do about 10 things in a match that make me mangasm, unfortunately a-la Luka too few of those are goals, but I love him unconditionally:love:

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Dissapointed ? ah the football fan and its very short term memory , he plays two or three bad games and he dissapoints. Have you forgotten how essential he was for the team when we were picking off teams for fun? He has his weak points (long passing being one of them) but you can hardly say he hasnt been mixing it up. Have you seen the ratio tackles , dribbles and pass % of the man this season ?
How many games did we go where Bale basically scored in all of them? Can't be bothered to figure it out at the minute but his impact has been enormous this season. Honourable mentions to Vertonghen, Dembele, and Adebayor.
In my humble opinion, I thought we missed Lennon more than we did Mousa, and it was when we had Bale and Lennon together that we really tore teams apart. Before our Belgian friend jumps again, let me be clear that I'd have Mousa in the centre of my midfield every week. Just that he seemed to lose the ball and get muscled off a bit more than what I'd expected.

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We miss Sandro more than we missed Dembèlè tbh
that's a matter of opinion isnt it , i remember the pundits of MOTD (their expertise can be doubted i know) claiming that Dembele is the one player that was most missed.

but i for one also expect more from him and its true that his phyiscal presence has been a bit on the weak side lately , normally he'd lose almost no duel and now he seems to be panicking a bit when the challenges come in.
Dembele has had to deal with Sandro taking up Parkers torch from last year, and bossing it. More importantly he has carried Parker for three or so months in Sandros wake, that's starting to show now but luckily Parker is nearly up to speed.
I voted for Lloris. Think he's been sensational, no wonder he's being linked with Barca. He's saved us so many times this season.​
Bale will win though, no doubt about that​
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