One Hotspur: Player of the Season


The Fighting Cock
Yeah, Lloris has been more consistent over a longer period but the impact Bale has had is something I will talk about for years.

Vertonghen has been awesome but I feel his consistency lets him down at times, probably not helped by not having a consistent partner. I realise the same can be said of Bale in terms of consistency...

Pretty much this.

For me:



Had Sandro not been injured, he may have been competing with Bale.
I guess Bale has to take it this year, but I think Lloris has to be a very close runner-up because his proactive, marshalling style of keeping allowed our defence to push up and the team as a whole to play in a more compact way. He was basically the keystone on which the whole season has to a large extent rested on.

Best young player has to be Walker. The strides he's made since the beginning of last season are just unbelievable, culminating in the game against Basel which was a true coming-of-age game for him. I do worry that he's going to be judged in the context of his early mistakes for far longer than he should be, because in 2013 he's been absolutely stellar in every game.
I voted for Lennon...why?

He's had an outstanding season, and while Bale has been our best player (and deserves to win) Lennon was probably POTS up to around Christmas, before Bale took off to a new level, and my vote recognises the fact he's stepped up this year big time influencing games week in and week out.

Bale should/will win but I hope Lennon (and Lloris/Vertonghen/Sandro) get plenty of votes as we've been far from a one man team this year.

Also our "with vs without" record is much worse without Lennon than Bale...but you know what they say about stats. Heaven forbid we ever have to play without them both :avbshit:
Why do they do this before the season has finished?

Lloris could save a peno in every game from now, including scoring a header in the dying seconds of the final game of the season to secure us Champions League football.....

Same with Man of the Match awards with 5 minutes to go and the possibility of Extra time.... Crazy.

But yeah, Bale.
Lennon had a start to the season that was potentially of a POTY calibre, but once again his goal record is below average and injuries have fucked him- having a negative effect on the squad. I love the guy but he needs competition; we've known that for atleast 3 years though ey :levystare:


I worried about voting for a good player, isn't there a track record for our players of the season to then leave in the transfer window?

For this reason I'm voting for :ade:
Bale, not even close. He's even got into my all time Spurs XI now. I've had to drop Steve Perryman to fit him in. It was him or Gazza, so as much as I rate 'Mr Tottenham', it's the bench for our Stevie.
Obviously Mr Bale has had the biggest impact at Spurs this season, and is almost definitely our best individual player. But I also think Aaron Lennon is in with a shout of getting player of the season. When he's not playing we lose all width in the team, and pace in attack. He's one of the most under rated players that I've ever seen from any team.
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