One Hotspur: Worst Player of the Season???

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One Hotspur: Worst Player of the Season???

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I voted for Dempsey. I went on the basis of if I was in charge, who would be first out the door.

Dempsey for me. Yes, he's scored some goals for us this year but has done little else. I genuinely feel he's been poor and where as I think Ade can get it back, I have written Dempsey off.

My apologies to all the Dempsey fans.
Gallas has been awful this season. As bad as he is with pace / athleticism / general fitness, he isn't making up for any of it with his supposed strengths. Even with his experience he finds himself out of position and unable to recover, his wild swinging at crosses have rarely resulted in a clearance but more often result in more problems for us, and as much as he is supposed to be considered a leader I don't think he deals with pressure too well, and considering the pressure he puts himself under...he's struggling in all aspects of his game.

would MLS or China welcome him? :gallashmm:
Cannot look past Ade. The potential and form he showed last year compared to his performances this year, granted the injury and AFCON but fuck me he was good last year, gave me so much hope and now he mostly makes me sad, and he doesn't smile any more :( maybe he misses Saha?

he smiled when he missed the penalty :(:ade:
Season ticket after season ticket, and umpteen afternoons home on the train in tears (I was a junior then). Yep, supporting spurs ruined my childhood, everyone in Gants Hill knew me.


this is off topic, but do people tell you that you look like andy warhol?
youre profile pic kinda looks like him, with less crazy hair ;)

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