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I'm going to watch Napoli Vs Lazio now and see if Immobile can break the goal scoring record. Has to be better than the shite I've just been looking at.

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He's scored after 22 mins.
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Juventus losing 2-1 at home to Roma.

Crazy that it looks like they're going to win the league by just 1 point - Margin hasn't been that small since 2001-02.

With some investment, I could see Inter taking the title next season.


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Inter threw some daft points away as well. Conte’s cup of piss will be bubbleth over
They absolutely hammered Fiorentina a week or so back but could only manage 0-0 at home.

Then again, Juventus have probably just taken their foot off the gas and I am sure it'd been a different ball game had it been closer a few weeks back.

Not really convinced by Sarri though or believe he's a serial winner. Europa League with Chelsea was his first ever trophy wasn't it? And that was against Woolwich anyway and Juventus could probably win the league with Sean Dyche in charge knowing who they have in their ranks.


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Really? He's never been known for his defending. He's a offensive wingback.
Yes. I have only been watching Italian football since the restart. He gave Young far too much room to cut inside. And the way he lost him; it was like he was drunk. I cannot say my impression of him is that he is trash in 1v1 situations. In fact, I think he usually does quite well in them.
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