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Pogba and Fernandez starting together????

I guess there is no point watching because as the media have repeatedly told that pairing is pretty much the greatest duo in any sport, all- time. No chance for Brighton now.

In reality even without the obnoxious commentary that will surely accompany this game I’m not to excited to watch it. I am not sure Brighton will do much against United.

Hoping for a good result for us but expecting the inevitable United win.
Surprised Maupay on bench, don't exactly have a lot of other goalscorers in their team. Hopefully someone steps up for them tonight.

They still kneel down to sign their own capitalist death warrants.

Whoever thought footballers were stupid :walker-scream: :llorishowudoin::mourloopy::sonlol::sonpoint:
Come on Brighton! even a point will do.

Commentary is ridiculous as ever! Neville talking up Pogba and Hernandes, talking about United getting Sancho etc.

Fuck off
Brutal from the keeper there.

Why do we never seem to get gifts like that from our opponents? No chance we catch United if they keep getting freebies like that.
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