Other matches Fred - 2020/21

Didn't see it, but heard all about it on the ESPN FC podcast. I gather Chelsea were rubbish.

It is impossible to keep up with all the football at the moment.

I don't have a strong opinion on Arteta's body of work right now. Didn't watch their cup games against City and Chelsea. Or their league win against Liverpool. Saw their first 45 against Fulham.

Whatever about Arteta's coaching, they have some personnel issues that would drive me soft. Their CMs and CBs, in particular.

Might get to it during the week. Soumare has ability, but I am not sure about his application. He just seems desperate to be elsewhere.

I thought with Soumare the issue was he wasn’t desperate enough, that he knocked back the chance to be sold to Newcastle, and Lille punishes him by benching him second half of the season?


Living The Dream The Tottenham Way
I don't know how you feel, but I think I'm seeing more evidence of coaching with Potter, than I have with Solskjaer, Lampard and Arteta?
Watched 58 mins of Chelsea's game, then pulled the plug. I have come to the conclusion that Fat Frank is way out of his depth. Sure, they have sufficient individual quality to pose a problem for us, but they are very badly drilled.


The prodigal son.
Listening to the Villa - Sheffield United game (cause of work I can't pay attention to it) and it's very weird how much Alan Smith hates Villa. Has the ex-gooner cunt also played for Birmingham or West Brom? Pretty obvious even for a non-Villa fan. Sounding like Martin Keown with his bias, which is to be expected considering the scum they used to play for.
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