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Least we'll go above the spammers tomorrow with a win😆.

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Genuinely one of the shittiest cities I have ever been in my life. Unless small town provincial racists are your cup of tea swerve at all costs. The whole place should be levelled and start again.
I live there and find your impression pretty fucking far off the mark to be honest.

Anyway, thought I'd pop in here to say well done to Leicester. A hell of a cup final winning goal and nice to see celebrations that really fucking mean something to the fans and players, none of this Man City winning another League Cup final sanitised bullshit. I can hear them celebrating at the stadium now from the front of my house - it's nice to be happy for them as opposed to the Battle of the Bridge evening of pain.
Walker-Peters has had a great season for Southampton. Looks a big mistake now selling him, especially for 12 million. On this season's form and considering his age, he's worth almost three times that already in today's market.
Eh? I’ll grant ya we’d have been better off keeping him and just stumping up the bangers for hojbjerg and maybe there’s an alternative universe that Walker-Peters is worth north of 36m because it’s not this one
From what I have read/heard(from things like podcasts) he fell out with the Dortmund DOF (Mislintat I think?) and PSG DOF Leonardo. I’m not sure what the issue was at Dortmund, think it was because certain players were sold and others he wanted not brought in, but I don’t blame him for falling out with Leonardo, who didn’t do a great job leading up up to and during Tuchel’s tenure.

I’ve also read/heard some fascinating things about Tuchel and his coaching, his methods, how intelligent and intense he is.

I would have loved him here, but would only have worked in the right structure, which we don’t have right now.
I’ve glimpsed similar reports and I think he would have been exactly what we needed .... a modern intensely driven coach .
I believe he would’ve had the strength of character to quickly undo what mourinho stuck us with and drilled a philosophy and system into the players that they desperately need. They’re not the smartest bunch as we’ve all picked up on so a coach who’s slight criticism is he can be too intense would have been the over compensation we could do with.

to me I think it’s clear he’d have come to us and I think levy really dropped the ball by prolonging what was already the inevitable.

on a separate note I find myself feeling more and more surprised by just how bad a manager, the once very good, mourinho was/is. Not a single aspect I can look back on and think he was strong in that department.

had some good bants in the pressers ... all I got
Hes really pushed on as a player. Risen to the challenge for his place at that club.
You notice with mount the better he got the further up the field he’s pushed. He’s moved forward where he doesn’t look out of place playing in any of the attacking slots aside from striker as well as an orthodox midfield 8

you compare that with winks who’s game fell off and regressed further away from those pertinent positions. Of course unfortunately for winks he doesn’t have the requisite defensive attributes to cover for those deficiencies which have caused him to be played away from the final third.
Telimans is so damn good. LC has one hell of a scouting department
I actually disagree. I’m pretty sure we knew of all their purchases and infact turned most of them down.

I’ll exclude fofana from that argument and the full back Justin was according to Five Five snaffled from Luton

how we didn’t get the nod on that I’ll never know .... is pleat incapacitated these days ?

they were all known, I’m certain offered to us and we turned them away. It’s less, how good Leicester have scouted and more how egregious our decisions on those same players have been.

let’s not fool ourselves even Jonny Evans for cheap a few years back would’ve been a decent purchase

swap dier out for him ..... that’s 5 to 8 points straight away.
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