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Remember saying you would leave the forum if Trump lost the election?
I do, yet you're still here. Lying prick.

But Trump didn’t lose the election, remember?


Or maybe “count” was a mis-spelling of another word?


Airfixx's cup final
The funny thing is that everyone outside of City, Chelsea and United need to be run like Liverpool and Leicester with a focus on investment in football operations, scouting and analytics. I would think that would be exceedingly obvious based on the past decade, but Spurs still feel very far behind in this area.
Great point, and I'm with you, but it leads to really inconvenient facts like having to sell players that fans think are irreplaceable. It will be a level of flux that most on this board are uncomfortable with...not to mention our chairman as he might lose a pound or two if he sells too early.
Crazy he hasn't gotten more buzz for our job. Fits Levy's desired qualities to a T, a modern progressive-thinking manager who develops young talent and plays attacking, possession-based football.
I'd rather Farke if we're taking a punt. I like the way Brentford play but the whole set up there is so well run i'm not sure the coach has to be anything special. Warburton and Dean Smith did very well there too and are both fairly limited.
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