Other matches Fred - 2020/21


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Are Villa any good or wha?

I'd say they're better than relegation battling.

They have a good midfield and an attacker who knows where the back of the net is. Give them space and they have the ability to punish you. Like Liverpool and Woolwich did.

18 goals scored in 7 games is rather impressive from them.

But they were torn apart by Leeds United 3-0 and conceded 4 goals at home in their last game, so they're not all that defensively.


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Brilliant result.

Lovely weekend.

- Ole is still at the wheel
- Everton continue to fall
- Liverpool and Man City drop points
- Woolwich get a hammering.

Shame that Chelsea and Leicester picked up points - but we're 2nd heading into the international break so could have been a lot worse.
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