Other matches Fred - 2020/21

Brilliant result.

Lovely weekend.

- Ole is still at the wheel
- Everton continue to fall
- Liverpool and Man City drop points
- Woolwich get a hammering.

Shame that Chelsea and Leicester picked up points - but we're 2nd heading into the international break so could have been a lot worse.
We could be goons.....


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
Woolwich haven’t scored a single goal from open play between the two international breaks :mourhandlaugh: it’s been over a month since their last one!

Arteta is AVB mk 2, minus a Bale to score him worldies. Congrats on the possession mate.


My Little Ponies - ragged and boney
The people who were mocking me earlier for showing a bit of concern about Villa's abilities might want to reflect on what they've seen tonight. They're not to be taken lightly.


Villa get to watch grealish glide across the pitch with the ball forever glued to his feet

We get to watch Sissoko stampede across the pitch with the ball seemingly a boiling hot potato

Not really a fair comparison, we get to watch Ndombele with the ball glued to his feet.
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