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Talking about the officials for this game...



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West Brom aren't even THAT bad to be honest.

Actually look like they defend pretty well. Should have beaten Chelsea at home, could quite easily have come away with a point here and even against us.

Just probably have a lack of goals in them.


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Also just seen Atletico Madrid maintain their unbeaten start to the season and have beaten Barcelona 1-0 at home.

That's now just 1 win in 6 in the league for Barcelona and now down to 10th in La Liga...
The penalty taker can do Whatever he wants before he takes it. But keeper can't get off the line... RIDICULOUS.
I think encroachment is fine to penalise BUT ONLY if there is a law that bans a faint or pauses in the takers' run-up. As long as a player can faint or stop in their run-up then "keepers should be allowed to come off their line.
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