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What's the betting Leeds are clinical as fuck when we play them?



Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
Leeds really should have won that.

Woolwich don't look like they've improved at all which is a positive. Even before the sending off, they never really troubled the Leeds goal, actually looked more dangerous with 10 men.

Wolves and Spurs next for them - and they haven't scored a goal from open play in 7 hours (since 4th October) when they scored against Sheff Utd... the team with 1 point.
They definitely looked more dangerous down a man. But I am not sure if it is because they stepped it up a bit or because Leeds relaxed.


Fucking pay me!!!
Should just do what they do in rugby and stop the clock if there’s an injury/stoppage instead of added time. Probably stop a lot of time wasting as well.

Back in the day the refs would use a stop-watch..... Can't think when that bit the dust, but sometimes lo-fi just works.... Why un-necessarily fuck with shit.

On a similar note....

178 rule changes in the last 4 years..... Is it any wonder the refs haven't a clue what's going on anymore?
Can never decide if I'm looking forward to or dreading games like this.

I think Leicester are a bigger threat than Liverpool this year, but also wouldn't mind them winning just to stop the whole Anfield unbeaten run.

Either way, rivals lose points, so might as well sit back.
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