Other matches Fred - 2020/21


Free Dele!!!!
Have you watched Dijon v Brest yet?
Never downloaded my friend. With the compressed scheduling I'm not sure I will be able to get to it anyway. But now you're gonna tell me i missed something good just to piss me off. prick.

I'm gearing up for the mighty Plovdiv that for some reason we are taking a 'weakened' team to. As if it could get more weak than Sunday.


[ Tiers Of A Clown ] Announce Hebzebenese
It's strange because they were in legit title winning form in the spring. Desperately need another striker and midfielder. Che Adams & Romeu are just not good enough.
Perhaps they're missing the man like PEH. :mourhandlaugh:

Tbh, man for man there's not much there.....
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