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Good for Leicester. The club has been consistently punching above their financial weight by being smart in the transfer market and investing in their football recruitment and analytics. Well run from top to bottom.

That, and anyone but Chelsea.
Bielsa should be fuming with the stupid cunt that gave that pen away, you work your nuts, put in a great display away at Liverpool and deserve a result, and you piss it away because of some lazy clumsy stupidity in the box.


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Exactly. He should have ended the game after the equalizer - or at least before United´s corner. Then he panicked and "ended" the game too soon (when the ball was still in the penalty box) - without seeing a clear penalty in the process.

In any case, one of the most unfair results I´ve seen in a long time.

Brighton hit the woodwork 5 times
Denied 2 penalties
Man Utd first goal wasn't even a free kick and it was a foul on Dunk anyway
Matic should have been sent off
Game was allowed to carry on until the 97th minute after 5 minutes were given.

Unfair is putting it lightly.

Massive Conte

The commentator claims that Arteta has taken it upon himself to learn the names of all the staff at the club.

It was nice of Woolwich to make life easier for him by making everyone redundant 😂

Disgusting club.
Good grief the fawning from the Sky lot over these two teams and this game in particular is nauseating.

"This is the sort of game you'd like to tie a ribbon around and give someone as a present."

Christ, get a fucking grip. If any cunt gave me this game as a present I'd shove it up their shitpipe
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