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Airfixx's cup final; anti-English since 15/06/22
Just like to give a shout out to Lyon who looked to have the beating of PSG even though they've just goten a VAR red card.

edit: I guess of interest is that red card involved Neymar going off on a stretcher...diva
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"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
As much as this makes me want to throw up a little in my mouth, DT was the only voice of reason on both the Xhaka and Elneny incidents.

Amazing what one can do in the the name of being a self-righteous trauma hound isn't it.
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Airfixx's cup final; anti-English since 15/06/22
He got his ankle snapped. Neymar really is on the the end of some barbaric treatment
Looked more his foot than his ankle but I could see how an ankle could be hurt there. But this incident really wasn't 'barbaric' as it was just a trailing leg and not a proper scissor. But yeah he does take some punishment...but doing rainbows in the 90th minute up 4 goals can be seen as asking for it.


To dare is too dear
I had to...LOL

Watched the second half of the Milan/Parma game. 20yo Cb Kyatengwa looked interesting, big strong lad, but looked technically very comfortable, didn't really get to see how dynamic and mobile he was as Milan were pretty much camped in Parma's half.
Odd season. league leaders in European leagues atm:

England - Spurs
Spain - Real Sociedad
Italy - AC Milan
Germany - Bayer Leverkusen
France - Lille
Portugal - Sporting
Scotland - Rangers

Most sides hadn't won the league for a long time (to sometimes a long long time)

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
Anyone seen much of Justin, the young Leicester RB. Not seen loads myself, just some highlights of Leicester games, but looks strong, quick and technically OK ?
From what I've seen (10'ish games??) Very aggressive player, similarities to Aurier in that he engages the oppo, tackles and wins loads of balls. A versatile player as has played on the right and as CB (probably why he's been under the radar, that & behind Chilwell before he went to Chelsea) but favoured position is Left. I think he's better in defensive phases than attacking but this could just be how Rodgers deploys him and because he's still young he'll release the reigns once he can show he has the stamina to get up and down the pitch for 90mins???
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