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What, against Media Darlings Wankfest SuckmyKloppcock Liverpool...?
Not a fucking chance i'm afraid!

Mother Theresa is more likely to come back from the dead and suck Fred West's rancid Cock whilst Princess Diana simultaneously thrusts her middle finger up Myra Hindley's asshole, than Southampton pulling a result out against Liverpool....

or maybe i'm going too far... perhaps a draw??

...oooh, soz, too much hun? LOL xxx
That’s very specific, have you spoken openly about this premonition before?
Makes me a little upset that Mou didn't have more of a go against this Chelsea side, but I understand why he did what he did for sure. Chelsea's form has dipped a ton from when they played us.
Everyone's form dips a ton from when they played us.... don't you know how football works?

Play Spurs = Play out of your skin and produce a once in a season performance... GK has a Worldie, striker scores first goal in 7 years....
Play everyone else = Just turn up and hope for the best, happy with a creditable defeat...

It's how it's always been!


100% All Natural
Remember when Chelsea were title contenders lol
Frank remembers...
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