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He's been playing well recently.

I can't work out how good he is. He seems to be a genuine support striker. Good at taking the ball long. Looks unselfish and I can see why people think he might work in a two with Kane. Not sure you'd want him as your sole striker though. And certainly not sure about the money being asked.
Needs someone to take defenders off from him, like what previous two seasons Lukaku did. They were perfect together and complimented each other. It helped that Conte's counters with Hakimi & Perisic as wingbacks were deadly so that's more space for Lautaro.

While this season, when paired with past it useless Dzeko, he struggled, despite the good numbers on paper. He scored a lot cause Inzaghi's system creates lots of chances.

When he is paired with Correa & Sanchez, also not great or past it, but still mobile tricky players, he does better.

The main points being - 1. He struggles to create chances for himself. 2. He's a very good striker, has good scoring instincts, scores some flashy goals, but when he has time to think what to do, lacks composure and is nervy. Would work with Kane as a second striker, imo.

There should really just be an Woolwich Newcastle thread in the main forum, let’s face it any Spurs fan worth their salt is watching this match. Come on the Toon!


Enic/Levy cultists .. wrong for over a decade!
I was there in 1984 when we prevailed over Anderlecht on penalties. It was great to get the UEFA Cup but we didn’t win the football game in the final to get it. Didn’t come close for me to been there at the Thursday night replays in 1981 or been in 1982 when we best QPR.
We barely win anything anymore under enic so I guess I will take anything ha.
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