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Now the transfer window is officially open, guess we need a transfer thread for all the other teams around the world.

Just the one transfer so far in the Premier League with Ricardo Pereira signing for Leicester. Decent signing too. Keita and Lossl will be joining up with Liverpool and Huddersfield respectively.


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This bit of news got no buzz in the lolerpool thread so might as well share it here.

Gladbach are trying to recruit Rhyan Brewster from Liverpool. Which has sent the club into a tiffy, calling them unprofessional for approaching one of their players and even calling off their pre-season friendly.

Again, this is Liverpool. The club that has a history of tapping up other club's players, both on adult and youth levels.

Big. Fucking. Lol

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Shame. I enjoy the useless cunt fucking up attack after attack for Chelsea.
I actually like him, the way Cunty had this mob set-up though just wasn't right for him, Chelsea just far to defensive, like Man U. If you look at his hold up play it was very good, main issue was there wasn't anyone around him. Look at Hazards numbers this year, low on goals, low on assists. Poch wanted him last year, if he went for him this year it wouldn't bother me one bit.
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