Pacos Ferreira v Tottenham Hotspur (Euro Conference) Thursday 19 August @ 19.30

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WIthout anyone flying off the handle, what is Scarlett supposed to be good at? I am not having a go it just isn't clear in the first team games. Obviously, he does well in the youth league.


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
Winks has to be the least positionally aware midfielder I’ve ever seen. People harp on his passing but if he wasn’t out of position constantly, he’d be fine.

Doherty is our least capable signing in many many years. Genuinely can’t think of any positive trait.

Gil looks good. Hope Nuno drops the 3-5-2 at halftime, our dreadful wingback player can’t sustain it.
Dreadful, it's our so called senior players that are letting us down. Lo celso's first touch is bloody awful, winks is just winks and Doherty can't cross, no wonder Scarlett has not had a sniff.

Sess still doing his little boy lost routine and ccv should have been sold to the championship two seasons ago.
doherty - one of our worst signings in recent years. not one good performance.
I am at a function and my first chance to check the score - grim. Had a look at the team and first thing I see is Winks so back to the function and phone on silent.
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