Paul Gascoigne

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Its a shame but he is a self destructive drunk, and he has had plenty of help.

Some people just shouldn't drink, and he is one of those unlucky gits who will pay with his life for it.

Anthony Beale

Fool what you want, your life or your jewels?
I hate to think it, but I can't help but think its already too late for him. The only way he can get over it is if he fully comes to terms with the fact he's going to die, and wants to survive enough to make a change. Which at this rate isn't going to happen. It's so sad to think, this is all because he loved football that much.

I've always thought there must be someone, be it at the FA, Tottenham, Newcastle wherever, that would say like "sort yourself out, and we can help you, get you a place at a lower league club or as a coach somewhere" or whatever.

But yeah until he gets his head right nothing will help. One of those "flawed genius" things.
He will always be remembered. And to this day, he had the best free kick I've ever seen. I say this with a bias for Spurs, but the free kick should easily be in the top 10 free kicks of all time.

If there are such things in America, surely there must be in the UK. Only problem is that he's so well known it could be hard for him to get into one. I'm sure places like these don't want to attract unwanted attention. If the bastard press found out where he was they'd swarm the place like the insects they are.

I'm trying to find out what kind of meds he'd be on that would cause such debilitating physical problems if taken with alcohol. Even Xanax or other anti-anxiety drugs usually just knock you out when combined with booze. Anyone have any idea what he might be taking?
I never really know what to say about Gazza. It's crushingly sad to see him like this. Gazza was always the reason I chose to support spurs, he was massive in the early 90's as a wee whipper snapper watching Italia 90 he was my hero, he did things that were amazing. Then the next year he was everywhere, in crisp adverts, and on MOTD playing for some team called Spurs, who my dad just so happened to follow.
By the time we were playing forest in the final I was hooked. When he went off I was gutted.

Looking back as an adult you could see then that Gazza was slightly unhinged. That tackle was atrocious, it could have ended his career and the other players. He was never the same player afterwards and he has been in steady decline since. He suffered with long periods out of the game which he never really coped well with. And to make matters worse he was always surrounded by hangers on more interested in the next drink than how Gazza really was.

Gazza is a flawed genius that we all love, and it's a sad sad story. But then he doesn't help himself by showing up at the sieges of mass murders with buckets of fried chicken and fishing kit, claiming that "he's a nice lad really."

So like I said, I'm never sure what to think of Gazza any more.

Smoked Salmon

Finest human being of all time
^ That reminds me of this....

These videos are amusing, especially this one, but once you realise how much the booze has fucked up his mind you realise just how really tragic and sad it is.
^ That reminds me of this....

These videos are amusing, especially this one, but once you realise how much the booze has fucked up his mind you realise just how really tragic and sad it is.

I'm not sure it's the booze that has fucked up the mind, I think the wiring was a little loose already, which has only highlighted the problems with drink and such.
You see this in all walks of life, Gazza is the kind of person that needs something to absolutely fill his life. This is why you see people who are tremendously successful soldiers for example, but once they leave the army, they are lost. Gazza needed football. It gave him a focus on the whole (though it also gave him the means by which to fuel this lifestyle.)
If you think about it Football is a lot like the army, you live it, it's regimented, the team becomes your family and it becomes your life, at the end it spits you out, and you have to find something to do with the rest of your life.


I'm very rarely proud of myself
You can't change somebody's behaviour unless they are willing to make an effort. Try as you might, you can't take a full-grown adult and simply tell them what to do and expect them to go along with it, no matter how hard you scare them with the truth. If it was that easy then none of us would have ever lost somebody we love to addiction or mental health issues. You're simply up against too big a beast. No matter how much you love somebody and how well you show it, sometimes you simply can't make everything better. Nobody can. Not even the most gifted, compassionate, understanding person. And that's just the way it is. You try and you try but some people are going to kill themselves regardless.

I hope he can get the help he needs, but he's had problems for a hell of a long time and the writing is on the bloody wall.
So, do we give up on him?

Depends what you mean by we. He has described a lot of psychotic experiences and beaten his family a number of times before.

I'm sure there is someone out there who can help him but I genuinely wouldn't know where to start. It's definitely not his agent or the press anyway.
It's not nice to hear he's unwell, but I lost all respect for the bloke when the revelations of him beating his wife for two years came out. I'm sure some of you in here posting well wishes for him also vilified Van der Vaart?
I do hope he gets well, but I struggle to feel sympathy for him anymore.
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