Paul Gascoigne

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I do however think that Snoop has no idea who Gazza is. He probably just googled celebrity drunk/alcoholic and grabbed the first best picture he could find.

He knew enough about Gazza to google a 30 year old picture of him in a Newcastle fuck him.


He knew enough about Gazza to google a 30 year old picture of him in a Newcastle fuck him.

I would imagine it was a British marijuana user who originally posted it, and Snoop picked it up and posted it for himself. Can't imagine Snoop would be bothering with doing shit like that himself. Just saw it and thought it was funny so re-posted. I also suspect he has no idea who Paul Gascoigne is.
Shots initially fired by Snoop methinks - so great comeback from Gazza (as fried as his brain might be!)...

Ah, I saw this on Instagram or Twitter like 3-4 days ago. Snoop shared it 16 hours ago.

I still maintain it's very much likely he didn't know who Gazza was.

Considering the amount of shit the US government has given marijuana users in the past, and the amount of prison time people have got for being caught in possession, I can understand that he just thought it was a good point worth highlighting, that alcohol can fuck you up far more, but is legal pretty much everywhere
Clearly 27 years of weed just turns you into a smug, gloating know-it-all cunt...
So Snoop wins that one!!

BTW... what if his REAL surname IS Dogg?

"So Mr & Mrs Dogg... what will you name your Son?"

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