Paul Gascoigne

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The whole Gazza saga is just deeply depressing. He was an absolute superstar for us and an incredible attacking midfielder. But everything around him just constantly degenerates. It’s very strange feeling such uncomfortable pity for someone I used to idolise.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
I don't think he has ever grown up and really learnt from his past mistakes, and I don't know if he ever will. Brilliant footballer, one of the most naturally gifted English players ever, but quite an unsavoury character, especially when he is on the booze.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Would love to meet Gazza. I had no idea at the time how lucky I was to watch him from 1989-1991 at Spurs. He was such an immense talent.
He's one of those people who you want to hug and slap at the same time, like my little brother, just doesn't know when to stop! I don't think he's ever grown up TBH.
He is a funny guy though, his stories and stories about him are legendary.
Prime Gascoigne would probably cost £150m in this day and age.

70 times more than we paid back in 1988
He was brilliant not only because of his obvious attacking quality but also because physically he was a fucking tank. He put a proper shift in, smashed into tackles like a maniac. But then he could really play when he got the ball.

You don't get many midfielders with his skill and technique who also have the physical side to their game that he had. There's nobody really like him playing currently.

Great stuff and what a player. I was in the Paxton for most of those home goals (£2 to get in as Junior Member, how times have changed), and few away games as well, but that season was all about the FA cup run. Apart from that glorious famous Semi-Final against Woolwich, the game that stood out that season was Portsmouth in the cup. My first away game outside of London without parental supervision, a Gazza inspired come back in the second half and getting back on the train without having my head kick in by the Portsmouth mob. Happy days.
Sums it up tbh, an amazing spell with Spurs followed by the odd good game here and there. The idiot has never grown up and leaves a trail of wreckage behind him, I’ve no idea why people idolise wasters like Gascogne
I get the feeling you are not actually a spurs fan. I saw him play and he literally lit up the lane every time he touched the ball. He had a very difficult upbringing and his talent cursed him to a tabloid hellscape. Yes he did many things wrong some of which are unforgivable and ultimately he is responsible for his own behaviour. But he has paid a price for our adulation and I can't help feeling sorry for him despite his many flaws.
is there anything Redknapp won't do or say to get his name in the papers?

On this occasion if genuine thats fine but I wholeheatedly agree, he has commented on absolutely everything over last 4/5 years, this is my personal favourite for Harry's "big heart" schtick

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp saves parasailing Russian donkey | Metro News
...and once again, I see the Gascoigne thread bumped to the first page and immediately think summit awful has inevitably happened!

SouthStand Billy

Dont panic it's nothing bad about him this time.. The opposite in fact..This recent picture looks like he is well on the road to recovery.. The best he's looked for some time in fact.. Keep up the good work Gazza..

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