Paulo Fonseca (Poll Added)

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    Votes: 21 5.2%
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    Votes: 90 22.1%
  • Wait and see.

    Votes: 217 53.3%
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Come on man ffs! Do you not understand why Paratici was hired? Do you think hiring a DOF is a genuine attempt at making us a competitive football team? Genuinely improving us?

It's bollocks! It's a way for Levy to continue calling the shots and having a fall guy to take the blame, let's not be led down this trap again.

I blame Paratici but I think the main blame should be placed at the feet of the man who hired him, the man who constantly dodges the bullet and never suffers the consequences for his failures time and time again.

Levy should lose HIS job, he should be held accountable.

Come on what?

I think that Paratici was hired to try and get us back to top 4 so that Levy could get that CL money. Whether you consider that a genuine attempt to making us competitive is up to you.

Paratici came in knowing exactly how Levy worked so he was obviously fine with it. Everything points to this being a Paratici move so I will blame him.

There are plenty of things for me to blame Levy for so I don't need to go out looking for others that are the fault of other people.


What everyone is clearly missing is that this is now a double bluff and we're about to announce Conte.

Who will then pull out just as his car turns down the high road in a triple bluff, at which point we'll get Fonseca on a quadruple bluff for £25k a year plus £500 a month housing allowance and free membership at Bodyworks gym. Levy wins again. We finish 8th, West Ham win the Europa League.

River Lea Banks

Just us being dildos.
Did you say dildos?

You may feel bad for Fonseca for getting baited hooked sinkered, and question Gattuso credibility; but the decision to choose a higher rated coach is at least sensible. Choosing Fonseca for our situation made no sense to begin with.
Gattuso is more highly rated? By who? People were questioning Fonseca's CV - it's fucking glorious compared to Gattuso's managerial record.
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