Paulo Gazzaniga

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Is Gazziniga good enough to replace Lloris as 1st choice keeper?

  • yes

    Votes: 62 53.9%
  • no

    Votes: 53 46.1%

  • Total voters
Gazzaniga ain't perfect but I don't crap myself in the same fashion that I do when Vorm is in goal.

Quite frankly, he's obviously now our number 2 and I respect the meritocracy that has let this flourish.

The only thing now is that we really need to get Vorm off our books and Whiteman in as the third choice goalkeeper. We can't waste three non-home-grown spots on goalkeepers.
We need to get out of this mindset that we are a selling club
In fairness, every club is a selling club for players that don't play.

You can find backup keepers. If Gazza is offered an opportunity to be a first team keeper somewhere that excites him and we can get a healthy return on the investment just take the money and let the guy advance his career. Not sure that's this offseason though, I think he has more to prove yet.
I think he can become our No 1 if he continues to progress as he is. I don't think he's had a bad game in the shirt - great shot stopper, presence, good passing, quick and great agility. I think crosses is an area that improves with matches because it is a situation you need understanding with defenders (and vice versa).

He's only 26 which is still young for keepers, plus Hugo is one of those keepers who relies a lot on tremendous athleticism. Those keepers also tend not to age as well because they haven't learned to read the game. Not saying Hugo lacks that - he's the World Cup winning captain - but strong competition from Gazzaniga will give him much needed focus to not rest on his laurels.
Unfortunately given how good he's proven to be I don't think we'll be able to keep hold of him because Lloris will be the de facto No.1 keeper for many more years to come and Gazza is not exactly young anymore. I'm almost certain any half-decent club can lure him away if they promise him the No.1 spot. Not that I can blame him, the man must want to play week in week out for club and country and he rightfully deserves to. I would say getting some good money out of him while keeping Vorm would be the best course of action for everyone should it be inevitable that he will go.

Hugo is a very positive decision maker and plays in a dominant fashion that makes him look commanding. As we know, he has a tendency to make massive brain farts, but makes up for a lot of this with astonishing athletic saves. His distribution can be suspect, as his only other negative.
Gazza is a wonderfully quick and athletic shot stopper, and he adds his distribution out of hand to his overall game.
But, he is indecisive at times and this will unsettle his defenders, in a similar manner to the way Gomes used to do.
On balance, Hugo's decisiveness and big game experience holds sway, but he will now know he has to stay on top of his game because Gazza isn't too far behind him.

what a wonderful position for the club to be in - in such a crucial position.
We're in a great position to have such a capable #2...I don't personally think he's usurped Hugo yet but he's making a case for sure.
Yep, he's very good not great but certainly better than Vorm.
He should of came out quicker for the through ball in the first half and twice he palmed/dropped the ball in a dangerous area.

On the plus side he is a great shot stopper and has great reactions, the save he made diving to his left was a great save.
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