Paulo Gazzaniga

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Is Gazziniga good enough to replace Lloris as 1st choice keeper?

  • yes

    Votes: 62 42.8%
  • no

    Votes: 83 57.2%

  • Total voters
Meanwhile back in Murphy...

Dad and brother in Spurs and Southampton tops and really love this...

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Any argies here know how to pronounce his name? Are pundits worried that a soundbite of his name will be edited to highlight a point?

The commentator on the Watford game kept calling him Gazza-Neeya. Definitely seemed like he wanted to avoid saying the wrong thing!
Some fantastic saves against Liverpool today. If Lloris had been in goal, we'd probably have been 3-1 down by half-time. It was also nice to see him go up for the final corner; that's a guy who's motivated and wants to play.

Obviously, he needs an extended run in the team before we can see how consistent he is but if he is capable of being the Ian Walker to Lloris's Thorstvedt, it would save us a lot of money.

What do you guys think?
While I do think Hugo's time is coming to an end with us I think it's unfair to assume that he's not first choice based on Gazza having one good game. You only have to cast your mind back to games against Dortmund, City and Ajax in the CL (all 3 away performances) where Hugo kept us in the game. It's easy to remember Moura's hat-trick but as someone that has watched the highlights more times than I can remember Hugo definitely has saved us!

That doesn't mean I don't think his replacement should be getting lined up.
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Carpe Diem
I thought the guy really excelled today and if he keeps giving performances like that I sincerely hope Poch doesn't just drop him as soon as Hugo is fit again. Too much of this favouritism regarding team selection. Let Lloris sit it out if he has to.
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