Paulo Gazzaniga

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Is Gazziniga good enough to replace Lloris as 1st choice keeper?

  • yes

    Votes: 62 42.8%
  • no

    Votes: 83 57.2%

  • Total voters


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All right at him besides Salahs which he pushed into the path of a Liverpool player anyway.

His best bit if play was his kick to Son in the second half.


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Massive yesterday. Hugo in his prime like performance.

Rose sold him out on the first goal sadly and Salah didn't even give him a chance to stop the pen. But overall he was our MOTM.
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Mrs Perryman

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Love him, hope he keeps his place, Hugo doesn't deserve to just slot back in.
Had no chance with either goal yesterday.
If he has a solid, dependable defence in front of him, think/hope he'll do well.
Gazza was excellent yesterday but you all are dreaming if you think Hugo won't walk right back into his starting spot. I'm not saying he should but Poch loves him and he is our captain.
Lloris's biggest weakness is when he tries to play out from the back. Assume it was Poch's decision that yesterday they mainly played the ball long. Interesting to see if that decision was for Liverpool or whether it is a change of tactics.


I like him, but if we want to challenge for the title he isn’t good enough. That said I don’t particularly rate Lloris anymore either.


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I like him, but if we want to challenge for the title he isn’t good enough. That said I don’t particularly rate Lloris anymore either.
Good, bad or indifferent it doesn't matter. Poch has shown his hand in terms of names on the team sheet. Made impossible by the fact he's captain.
I like the guy lots, but he's not at the level we should be aiming for. He did well against Liverpool in the sense that he didn't make any mistakes, but all those saves only looked good because there were so many of them. Watch them all in isolation and you'd expect every single one to be saved.

I was about to say he's still young and that he might have the potential to be at the level we should be looking for, but then checked and he's 28 in 9 weeks time! I guess a keeper's prime is much later than an outfielder, but I don't think he's showing enough potential to become what we need.

Hopefully we're scouting for somebody at the level Hugo was when we first signed him, because that's what we need, if not for this season then next

Guido 🇺🇦

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Give him a run of games before spouting he's better than Hugo.

Against Liverpool, he saved every shot that you would expect a 'keeper to make. They were all basically hit straight at him. Put it this way, had he let any of those shots in many would be all over him claiming "he should never wear the shirt".

Please don't confuse this post as anything negative, it's not a criticism, he played well and his performance wasn't worthy of any criticism whatsoever.

All I'm saying is chill the fuck out and don't lose perspective on the saves he made. I really liked the one he put over the bar from a header, it was probably going to hit the bar and go in off it, but it was still right at him he didn't have to move other than put his arm up. I liked his double save, the first part of it whilst saving it he parried the ball not very far which meant they had a 2nd shot, that one I liked as he was quick off his feet and had his angles right, but he also parried this one straight back out into the box, lucky there wasn't a Liverpool shirt nearby. I've not seen anything yet to suggest he's better than Lloris in shot-stopping dept and few if any are better than Llrois in this dept. (Lloris excels in not only making the save but then pushing it way out of danger).

Without any doubt in my mind, Gazzaniga is better than Lloris with the ball at his feet. Aesthetically he simply looks better, more loose, more relaxed with the ball. This translates into getting his passes off so much quicker, meaning the recipient has those precious 1 or 2 seconds longer to bring the ball under control, pick a pass, drop a shoulder, they aren't under anything like the pressure they are when Lloris passes to them.
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