Penalty Takers

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Following on from Man United's match yesterday, I've seen that a big topic of discussion is the fact that ManU don't have a "designated penalty taker" and I began wondering how important is this when it comes to professional footballers?

Surely, it's not such a bad thing, that they've got 2 players who can decide on each occasion who wants to take it. What if one of them has taken a knock in the match and isn't 100% confident, is it not better that the other player takes it? Same goes for when the "designated" first penalty taker has been subbed off, isn't it better to have someone who has taken a couple of pens in the high pressure situation of a match before?

For me it seems like a bit of a strange debate. Two highly talented professional football players, surely they should both be able to step up and take a penalty, even if they aren't the "designated first choice" penalty taker.

Is anyone else bothered by this whole debate, or is it just me?

Edit: Would this even be a debate if Pogba had scored? - If not, then clearly it's a non-topic.
It's a topic because Pogba keeps failing from the spot - the best penalty takers LeTissier, Fabregas, Gerrard, Baines all said the same thing ... if I put the ball where I want it to go I will always score.

Kane does that (so does Parrott) other players try to out guess the keeper but that's daft ... put the ball in the side of the goal with enough pace, and no keeper will ever save it. Watch what Le Tissier says

So if Pogba didn't keep missing his penalties then it wouldn't be an issue whether they have multiple penalty takers or not?

The problem therefore is that a player who is apparently one of the best in the world can't score from the spot, even though the manager trusts him to.
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