Pie&Mash shop in the High Rd

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Depending on the era, you'd have walked past the old Wonderloaf bakery at the junction with Perth Road.
Used to love that smell of fresh bread wafting out into the air.
I lived in Maryland road ,N22years back, which borders N13.Use to love a walk to the ground,up Maryland Rd ,onto Wolves lane, then White Hart Lane.
Particurly enjoyable early and late season.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Just done the stadium tour, sky walk and edge drop, finished off in the Pie & Mash shop.
Cracking grub and a nice chap.
Never had liquor before so nothing to compare it to, but I loved it.
Did you do the drop going forward? I believe you have a choice in which way you go?
I realize this won't change anyones mind but the jelly comes from boiling the pigs feet. I grew up in rural Lincolnshire & we had a weaner pig in the back yard who got slaughtered in Autumn . Every part of the animal got used & yes we made pork pie.
What genius came up with that idea?
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