Pie&Mash shop in the High Rd

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Depending on the era, you'd have walked past the old Wonderloaf bakery at the junction with Perth Road.
Used to love that smell of fresh bread wafting out into the air.
Think that was before my time in the area.Though i recall similar around Brimsdown way when i was a kid.I remember going there late at night with a cousin to get a loaf,after we had all gone back to my aunties after a night out.


Beyond Evelebty
I used to be fine with heights but got much worse as I have got older. Not phobic , but really don't like them.
I'm like that with flying in jet liners. Used to love it. Avoid it like the plague these days.

I've done Crib Gogh in Snowdonia several times, but I'd be buggered if I'll do it now.


Beyond Evelebty

I've done Matterhorn 3 times now, shat myself every time mind (really bad when someone is walking the opposite way and you have to pass/cross them!!).

Crib Gogh can do with my hands in my pockets.........


I get the collywobbles just watching that video.
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