Pierre-Emile Højbjerg

I'm so over reveal videos. Just take the fucking picture of the scarf and start practicing with the team.



Let's be honest here, this fella has been in the shop window for the last 4 years at Southampton where everything is always for sale and never overly impressed, nobody else really wanted him and we wait until he's on special offer to make the purchase.

We need a solid DM so this isn't a bad thing but it says a lot about the ambition of the club when this is the best they can muster.

"But Coranavirus will affect finances" The cult will scream, Lille just signed a striker for 30 million FFS

We spent £55mn on Ndombele & he was regarded as the second coming.

Nobody ever knows for certain how any given transfer will work out.

Apart from social media experts obviously.


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Every player should be supported upon signing.

We've seen plenty of players who haven't been world beaters at other clubs then join better clubs and raise their level to higher standards. Surrounded by better players, coached by better coaches etc.

IF Hojbjerg is a player Mourinho wanted and he's got him then it's a clean slate. Who gives a shit what he did or did not do at Southampton. We're Spurs. And we shall judge him on how many Woolwich players he kicks in the cunt in the NLD.
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