Pierre-Emile Højbjerg

To me he looked a little tired today which isn't something he can be blamed for as he's played a lot and the game today was very physical. It's just worrisome that he has to play so much. What if he gets injured, who do we play in his position? Winks would have been thrown around like a cheap hooker if he played today.
So much love for this guy right now, really showing what he's made of with his move to a bigger club. Offers loads during the game, thought he was brilliant for us in the last 15.
He's done well and I am surprised he has been so disciplined in the CM2 role with Sissoko. He rarely makes a move forward and is typically the deepest midfielder.

I watched a lot of SH over the years since he has been there and he has always been a menace that ran all over the pitch. So I am surprised by him being okay with being much more conservative. This adjustment has helped cut down on his errors, which he is prone to when under pressure.

Today you saw a mental lapse in him when he had all the time in the world and just let the ball run on him which led to a Burnley break. I was expecting more of this from him as I saw plenty of it at SH, but I do think it has to do with his new role, which is to play it safe and protect the CBs.
Me trying to figure out which Spurs player I love the most.

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