Pierre-Emile Højbjerg

I'm always a bit nervous about clicking on player threads I haven't seen in a while as I'm convinced the most recent posts are going to be about the bloke in question coming down with a dose of the Covids.

It's the current player version of the old player threads, where I'm almost certain I'm going to see they've passed away
I'm not his biggest fan, but that's a great stat.
get out GIF

Nice to see this, didn't get to catch his games! Stumbled on the old Athletic piece about him earlier and thought it was interesting he's seen as a little cocky for his NT because of his self-confidence, albeit still a humble person.


You gotta trust ole Gibbsy.
Not necessarily in his style of play, but his personality and work ethic reminds me of Scott Parker. Maybe not the most talented player on the pitch, but I love his determination, energy, and what he brings to our side.
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