PL Prediction Game

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Hi all, paddy spur paddy spur had one of these going last year and with only a few days left until the season starts I figured it would be good to get this going early in the week to get the numbers up.

2 points for guessing the right result, 3 points for the right result and correct goal difference stated and 4 points for correct score.

Happy to do a WhatsApp group to remind everyone each week or those who need reminding (PM me numbers if you want me to do so)

Best of luck all, apologies in advance for smashing it:



I just signed up because I thought it was the pick one club a week you think will win their match thing. Which is easy to do. But I just get bored of getting every single result wrong 10 times every week.


It's strangely addictive once you get into it. Makes watching Soccer Saturday when Spurs aren't playing a little bit more fun as well.
I’ve done the first games and bonuses. I’ll give it a go but suspect I’ll drop off pretty quickly. (Strop off in a sulk when I’m not 30 points in the lead after the first week)
Joined but I reckon I'll end up forgetting to do it at some point then just give up. Rather it was a prediction of select games like Super 6.

Anyway, giving it a go for now!

Also, has anyone set up a fantasy football league for TFC members?


Can’t believe those who boringly predicted 3-0 get more points than those of us bold enough to suggest that the lowly Canaries would manage the miracle of netting one against a defence containing the best centre back ever to grace an association football pitch. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I’m entirely positive I’ll have got every other score bang on this week so I don’t care.
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