PL Prediction Game


Ive been doing that for the last 24 weeks.
It doesn't work.
Could be worse. You could just be rubbish at predicting what you think will actually happen rather than what you want to happen being unlikely.


New season, new game for anyone who has got involved previously. I’ve just cut and paste a reminder from last season to get names so apologies if anyone’s been left off of the following bumps, it’s a cut and paste job:

kushty kushty , _booga_ _booga_ , Clynelish Clynelish , ChiversRegal ChiversRegal , Patrick-CT Patrick-CT , Rocket Rocket , Mampi Mampi , Gatsby Gatsby , Incomplete_usernam Incomplete_usernam , ArtyB ArtyB , King Ledley King Ledley , cretinousgoat cretinousgoat , Colonel_K Colonel_K , Totti Totti , TheNewSpursy TheNewSpursy , paddygspur paddygspur , tbonepremier , Joshking5 Joshking5 , Spaniel Spaniel , Guido Guido , Aussie Yid in London Aussie Yid in London , Furball man Furball man , Calgary Spur Calgary Spur

If there’s anyone that’s been left off of the list, please do @ them so they are aware.
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