PL Prediction Game

New season, new game for anyone who has got involved previously. I’ve just cut and paste a reminder from last season to get names so apologies if anyone’s been left off of the following bumps, it’s a cut and paste job:

kushty kushty , _booga_ _booga_ , Clynelish Clynelish , ChiversRegal ChiversRegal , Patrick-CT Patrick-CT , Rocket Rocket , Mampi Mampi , Gatsby Gatsby , Incomplete_usernam Incomplete_usernam , ArtyB ArtyB , King Ledley King Ledley , cretinousgoat cretinousgoat , Colonel_K Colonel_K , Totti Totti , TheNewSpursy TheNewSpursy , paddygspur paddygspur , tbonepremier , Joshking5 Joshking5 , Spaniel Spaniel , Guido Guido , AnAussieYidinLondon AnAussieYidinLondon , Furball man Furball man , Calgary Spur Calgary Spur

If there’s anyone that’s been left off of the list, please do @ them so they are aware.
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