Players Linked Summer 2016

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Nice work!

Uuuuuuhhhhh ohhhhhhhh, are you trying to will Gotze to The Lane by presenting pie (charts) :llorisserious:

I'll get my coat :pochbye: Right after this......are the sources in your opening post in this thread also the earliest mention, as in the above chart? Or are they just random? What I'm getting at is that it would be kinda fun to see which sources actually linked us first with players, we end up signing, most frequently. Ie. did Sky Sports really get there first with our two major signings this summer?
They are the first mention I can find. Let's take wanayama ad I can remember that one a bit. We were linked with him a lot last summer and again in the winter but the first mention I could find was sky sports, the couple of other news stories (according to google) for that day also mentioned the sky sports story. I remember it because I was not expecting it. Admittedly this was only a quick 5min search at best and there maybe a margin of error across all 108 but I rekcon it is close enough
Who doesn’t like a good stat? No one I bet. So I thought I could spoil you all with pie charts!

So of the 108 players we have been linked to where have ‘sources close to the club’ been speaking to? The way I do this is finding the earliest report I can when linked of which most of these say (or have been referred) to as the source.

The UK press have only broken 45% of the linked players, what surprised me most was only 13% were ‘clickbait’ sites just would have thought this would have been higher. I would also assume that most linked players come from agents so would probably be interesting to cross reference this with the agents of players to see if there was a pattern. But alas, believe it or not I don’t have the time to find the names for all 108!

Another thing we can look at now is what is happening to the players we are linked with? What this is really going to tell us is probably not much, but pie carts are fun!

I suppose I was expecting to see contract extensions be higher as leaking a link can negotiate a new contract at current club as we have seen before. Yet the transfer window is young and I expect this will change.
My personal favourite is "bollocks from Sausage Vince - 1%".

Excellent work.

So with a week to go i have updated the opening post with the latest on the 136 players we have been linked with! Of which 75 of them are still available, 38 have been transferred elsewhere and 10 have had contract extensions. 3 have signed for Spurs so far so 2% of players linked we have signed!

My this is exciting stuff ...... :sonlol:
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