Players worth keeping an eye on playing for other clubs

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Where's the Kaboom?
Rumour is West Ham are bringing through an exciting young attacking midfielder. Goes by the nameof Wilshire. Answer to England's creativity issues, I'm told.
Joao Mendes, Ronaldinho's kid just signed on as an apprentice for Cruzeiro in the Brazillian league. Described as a striker or secondary striker with a good shot. This will be an interesting kid to keep an eye on. Apparently when he did his try out he refused to say who his dad was until after he had passed and signed a deal with them. Saying that he wanted to get a contract on own merit rather than his dad's name. Fair.
surely they just looked at his teeth and thought he's either Ronaldihno, Ronaldo or Esther Rantzens kid

The text translates into something like this

On his 15th birthday Swedish wonderkid Roony Bardghij signed a contract with FCK Talent. Last weekend he scored 4 (!) goals against FCM in the U17-Liga. One crazier than the other. Watch his Messi-goal and the 3 others here
Thought I'd start this thread being someone who watches a fair amount of football when it's on of an evening as I love it when a player catches your eye & then goes onto big things.

So far I've seen TFC members identity players like Benjamin Pavard & Alphonso Davies well before they became well known & with our fans seemingly spread across the world on this site, I thought a thread where you can put forward names that have excited you as something worth doing.

I've only caught glimpses of these guys so far this season but I really like the look of Saiz & Alioski playing at Leeds & there's a Kosovan kid who plays as number 10 for Swansea (Bersant Celina) that has instantly caught my eye in the 20 minutes of football I've seen him play tonight Vs Birmingham.

Anyone know of any others worth a post & for others to keep their eyes on? Could become an interesting thread
Bissouma at Brighton if we are sticking to English football.

I think it'll be interesting if anyone catches your eye. Samu Saiz cost Leeds £3m when they got him last year. Amazing price based on everything I've seen of him so far. He'd get into most Premier League clubs from about 8th and lower. Got to be something wrong if he hasn't attracted any interest so far at his age.

Special mention needs to go to SausageVince SausageVince as well regarding McGinn. It'll be interesting to see how he works out in the Championship
Not sure about him to be honest. There is a guy on here who watches Schalke who would be best to tell you.

THFC-Israel THFC-Israel - is it you that's fond of Schalke?
Aye. He looked decent, good eye for goal as well, athletic, but nothing to justify 37 mil atm. Definetly a good utility defender for a top club.

Idk maybe 37mil is not so much nowadays and I still hadn’t recalibrated

Belgian Spur

Leon Bailey, been impressed with him in Belgium and just became stronger in Germany, he s rather well known now so not a true hidden gem

In the belgian league i see 6 players that would be able to make it in the big leagues : Landry Dimata, Jonathan David, Alexis Saelemakers, Sander Berge, Zinho Vanheusden and Giorgi Chakvetadze
it doesnt surprise me. same reason they got Pellegrini. They have gotten themselves obsessed with "Big Names", and making statements, simply because, IMO, they got a big stadium.

they think have repeated this with their signings, and yet some make no sense. why drop 7 million on Fabianski. Its arguable they he isnt an improvement on Adrian (and is possibly not as good), and he's two years older. Its a signing for the sake of it, to make them feel and look (in the eyes of the press and some supporters) like players in the market

If they had gotten someone like Eddie Howe and given him free hand to develop a team I would be slightly nervy that they might actually get somewhere.

Eddie Howe, Callum Wilson, Lewis Cook, David Brooks, Alfie Mawson & James Maddison would have cost the same, less possibly taking wages into account than its cost them to get Pelligrini & all of their summer signings this time around.

I don't mind Fabianski in all honesty but I do think they should have taken a punt on Butland after Stoke went down. Amazing that he's gone from being nip tuck for England number 1 to a Championship player without even kicking a ball this summer.

West Ham's obsession with being big instead of laying the foundations on how to be big is just laziness or being completely clueless from all involved. I'd love to see them finish 15th or something like that after getting out of their cages this year about the transfer window (ideally I'd like to see them in the bottom 3 but that ain't going to be happening)
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