Players worth keeping an eye on playing for other clubs

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It's not just that though. He's not as good as Dias and he's short for a centre back and City need height due to short midfield and attack.

Tosin was amazing for Fulham last night anyway, should look at him if (when) they get relegated. Maja impressed me as well but early days... But if he can keep it up we should look into getting him in the summer.
Really maja?? Nowhere near good enough!!!
That's what people said about Grealish, Watkins, Maddison etc
Maddison was considered a prodigy since he was at Coventry, the only stick was that he was a gooner cunt. I don't recall anyone really discussing Watkins. And Grealish...well the overall consensus was that he's decent but there were doubts indeed as to whether he would be next level, yes he's similar.

Maja is more like the then fulham-celtic Dembele.

The text translates into something like this

On his 15th birthday Swedish wonderkid Roony Bardghij signed a contract with FCK Talent. Last weekend he scored 4 (!) goals against FCM in the U17-Liga. One crazier than the other. Watch his Messi-goal and the 3 others here


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First time you'd heard of him was last night.

Well done you.

Hence why it was posted today.

I always questioned our scouting. Seems like all the money is spent towards growing english players. But how can you sign a youth grown on weetabix and walkers crisps? What happened to proper food diet?
Potatoes, meat and vegetables. Fish and rice. A proper meal from when you are young. Work hard in the gym build muscle. Run in the woods gain natural strenght. A five a side is the last thing you do.


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!

9th goal for Karlsson in his maiden Eredivisie season. Reporting to his first call up with the Swedish national team this break.

Only 21. Kid has a bright future ahead of him.

EDIT: Got himself an assist as well.

9 goals and 8 assists in his first season in Holland.
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