Poch coming back to Spurs?

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Do you think Pochettino would be a good choice for our next coach?

  • Yes

    Votes: 175 60.3%
  • No

    Votes: 115 39.7%

  • Total voters


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Fans shitting of Pochettino remind me of gooners disrespecting Wenger. Yeah he only gets you to top four season in season out and occasionally champions league final. Will never win anything. Meanwhile degrading to become a irrelevant top 10 club with no attitude under one or other serial winner Mourinho or Emery.
I’d be delighted for Pochettino to build another team, not the same team, that can be in that top four for few years and only then with a bit of luck if the stars align maybe maybe with a bit of crazy luck league becomes possible. Only then. Money rules otherwise.


Looking down at Woolich again
"Deep in my heart I am sure our paths will cross again. From the day I left the club, my dream is to be back one day and to try to finish the work we didn't finish.
We were so close to winning the Premier League and Champions League.
Deep inside I want to go back because the fans are so special. Before I die I want to manage Tottenham."



It really shows the incompetence and limitations of the board that they have to ask him to come back.


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Not this summer. It would be too early. A lot of the issues in the squad that got him fired in the first place (not to mention any professional tension with Levy/Hitchen) will still be too raw.

Better to let a few years pass to let the squad refresh itself and any other issues become water under the bridge. Usually when a manager returns quickly to a club it doesn't end up good.

I don't doubt that he will be back one day. But not this soon after leaving.


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Everyone excited about Poch returning when in his first game back and he has moved Dier back into midfield and he is starting alongside Sissoko and Winks in a diamond:

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Fuck it bring back arry. Get Crouchy in. Stick him upfront put some crosses into him. What’s kranjcar up to these days? Triffic lad bring him back in. Scotty Parker, call him in to give Harry winks an uppercut and show him how to play proper Mexican hat dance football. I wanna see arry roll up on the sky news reporters 30 minutes before deadline day closes in his Range Rover, “naaaaa nuffin appening’, but we might get messi” get Gomes the octopus back in goal, old nervous butterfingers
This is how utterly clueless the guys at the top of Tottenham must be.

Sacking Jose 6 days before a Cup Final and putting a 29 year old rookie in charge has to be one of the dumbest decisions we've ever made.....

And that includes hiring Gross and Jaques santini....
Why? Morale, performances and results were tanking - we should have sacked cunt a month prior, I don’t think he had a better chance than Mason whatsoever
2nd June is the second anniversary of the European Cup Final in Madrid.
Match was 1st June. 2nd June is the anniversary of me having a massive row with some valet parking company at Manchester Airport who failed to give me my car on time after I had been up 48 hours straight and recently seen Sissoko handball inside 30 seconds while I was singing “oh Moussa Sissoko” along with thousands of other demanded Spurs fans.

anyway, I digress a little here.
The absurd thing about this is having sacked Poch, Levy seems very keen to reappoint him having squandered God knows how many millions on paying off Poch, paying Mourinho and paying him off as well. Now looks like there’s more outlay to prise Poch away from his PSG contract... for someone who’s apparently very astute with money, Levy has blown millions on managerial fuck ups that could perhaps have bought us the player(s) to win some things during Poch’s first spell here. Ironic really.
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